Sacred Valley, Peru Day 3

We spent some of our last day in the Sacred Valley in the old Inca town of Chinchero, another archaeological site with Inca ruins. This one is more famous for the colonial church built by the Spaniards in 1607 on top of the Inca stonework.

Old woman walking into my shot under colonial church archway entrance at Chinchero in the Sacred Valley
Colonial church building constructed on top of much older Inca stones. The Roman Catholic church was built by the Spaniards in 1607.
Colonial church buildings and Inca stonework
The remains of an Inca building with stone terracing beyond.
The raw materials for natural dyes used in creating sheep and alpaca wools. This was taken at a weaving coop in Chinchero.
Colorful balls of yarn from those natural dyes.
A woman weaving the border to a woolen runner.
The Sacred Valley of the Inca
White bird flying over the Urubamba River. It has a black face with white circling the eyes and a longish red beak, but I'm unable to identify without a book (can't find it online).
Night photo of a mountain (Andes foothill, really) looming over our hotel.
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