Paris Day 5

Another day in Paris and a few more photos. The main highlight of the day was Vincennes Castle at the end of the M1 metro line.

With another rainy day in the forecast, we decided to take the Metro Line 1 all the way to the end to Vincennes Castle, home to Charles V in the 12th century and then refuge for monarchs during the troubled 16th and 17th centuries. Louis XIV lived there before relocating to Versaille in 1682.
Then back to Les Halles for lunch at Chez Denise, a restaurant recommended by a family member. The food was very good, but if we ever go again, we’d order a plat to share, the portions are huge and they won’t give you a doggy bag (maybe it has something to do with Henry VIII's chef killing himself after Henry asked for a doggy bag, but no, that was England, not France...)
After lunch the sun was shining so we decided to go in search of chocolates for later to have with a nice bottle of champagne from Monoprix. Halfway to Patrick Roger, the skies opened up and the rain came down in torrents with a few loud claps of thunder to add some excitement. But what’s a little rain? Makes for more interesting photos, I think. Although I’m not going to wish for more of it, the weather is supposed to get much better as the week goes on.
Vincennes Castle keep
Vincennes Castle keep
Winding turret stairs inside Vincennes Castle keep
Holy Chapel, Vincennes Castle
Architectural detail inside Holy Chapel at Vincennes Castle
Funeral monument to Louis Antoine Henri de Bourbon Conde, Duke of Enghien taken prisoner during a visit to the castle, condemned to death and shot on 21 March 1804. This monument was created by Louis XVIII in 1816 when the prince’s remains were interred and placed here.
Holy Chapel at Vincennes Castle
View from Pont Neuf
Saint-Jacques Tower
Waiter at Chez Denise
Bookseller along Seine Quai near Pont Neuf
View of the Seine
A rainy walk
Notre Dame
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