Makahela Falls, Kauai

A couple of days ago I took this hike with a wonderful guide named Dave. I could not have done it on my own, not only because there was no recognizable trail, but also because we had to cross a fairly lively river a number of times, shimmy across trees, etc. We wore tapis on our feet to help from slipping, but the mud made for slippery going most of the way anyhow thanks to the pouring rain. Because of the rain, though, the waterfall was truly spectacular. I was wet and my legs and feet were cramping but with a few well spaced breaks and plenty of water my body was able to keep going. And, thanks to the rain and the difficulty of the hike, I had my Olympus camera packed in a plastic bag pretty much the whole and when I could took pictures alternating between my wet iPhone and my wet camera. All of the photos shown here were taken with the Olympus OM-D EM-5 and the video was taken with my iPhone. I almost called this series Yesterday & Today. I wouldn't do it again, but I'm glad I did it once!

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