Downtown Seattle Architecture

After listening to a talk given by Larry Kreisman, program director of Historic Seattle, I decided to spend some time walking through downtown Seattle to admire this architectural heritage. I'd just gone to hear a talk by Chris Mitchell on community-owned networks and municipal broadband in Seattle, hence the 3 photos of the new Seattle City Hall.

Interior, Seattle City Hall
Seattle City Hall, looking up to Columbia Center
Seattle City Hall with the new Pronto bike stations in front
Columbia Center with the Alaska Building and the Lyon Building in front. That's the Hartford Building in the bottom of the picture with the red awnings.
The Arctic Building
J.A. Baillargeon Building
The Vance Building
The iconic Smith Tower
The Exchange Building, an example of art deco architecture
Seattle Art Museum
The Bon Marche building, which is now a Macys. Another example of art deco architecture.
Behind the bus is what was originally built as the Donohoe Garage and the building behind it with the fire escapes is the Josephinium apartments.
The Melbourne Tower
Looking down Pike Street from 3rd Avenue to the Seattle Convention Center.
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